The first world of virtual sculpture on line

D. A. A. P. is my virtual world of sculpture, initially designed at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Since 1996 Daap has been used as an environment to test models of sculpture and other three dimensional projects by faculty, students, and guest artists. Fine Art Media Fundamentals, Modeling for 3 Dimensional Networking, and Computer Sculpture, were courses that I taught using Daap as a venue for the presentation of student work. Since 1997 the Intersculpt biennial exhibitions have been installed here in collaboration with Ars Mathematica.

Derrick Woodham; Sculptor, Professor Emeritus.

* While you're visiting within DAAP the links below will url and teleport you around our world. *
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The gateway facing you as you enter DAAP at Ground Zero contains links to the college and School of Art websites.

Clicking here will take to the most recent models, of sculptures I made while still resident in England, and during my first visit to New York, preparing for my exhibition with David Hall at the Richard Feigen Gallery in 1966. Looking immediately south you will find models of the panel sculpture series, and sculptures I made at The University of Iowa.
This link will take you to the Intersection Series, Geometric Sets, and Grate and Grille sculptures I made at The University of Kentucky.
Around Ground Zero a display of my first sculpture in DAAP is installed. Here's my webpage of the original installation.

Walk southwest of Ground Zero for gateways to models of the Cinergy Atrium sculptures, the Weston Art Gallery installation of "Twister" and the installation of "Fields V" outside the DAAP Library.

"Sojourn" and "Hoops"; reconstructions of my panel sculptures designed in London and New York; the "Modular Set" installations produced while at the University of Kentucky; variations on "Fields" and the moiré screen sculptures fabricated at the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati; a series of models developed from my set of seven geometric solids while at the University of Cincinnati, can all be visited starting at 6S 16W.

Walk to the North West, then West through the rotating sign to enter Intersculpt 2020&1, the virtual multi-user component of the exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Intersculpt exhibition series at the Galerie Maître Albert, Paris, France. The Intersculpt website is available in your browser upon teleporting into the exhibition. Further West is a portal to James and Oscar Hutchinson's entry for Project: Make Your Own Art Exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Zurich.

To the North West is the entrance sign for From Earth to Space 2010, and Intersculpt 2011, a combined exhibition of works submitted for DAAP from participants in the Ars Mathematica conference at the City of Science and Industry in 2010, and the Ninth Biennale of digital sculpture, at the Luc Monod Gallery, in Paris, France. The Intersculpt website is opened upon teleporting into the exhibition by activating this sign. The Ars Mathematica event website can be opened in the browser window by selecting the relevant display panels in the exhibition site.

To the South East is the entrance to Intersculpt 2009, an exhibition of works submitted for the Eigth Biennale of digital sculpture, featuring a program based on themes addressing The International Year of Astronomy and The Year of Darwin, in Metz, France. A Link to the Intersculpt website is activated by walking into the exhibition area.

To the North is the entrance to Intersculpt 2007, an exhibition of works submitted for the seventh Biennale of digital sculpture, featuring two programs based on the themes of Biomorphism, in Nancy, and Mathematics, in Paris. The 5th Digital Sculpture Competition has awards for both themes. Links to the Intersculpt and digital contest websites are activated by walking through the exhibition areas.

To the North West is the entrance to Intersculpt 2005, the sixth Biennale of digital sculpture, and the 4th Digital Sculpture Competition. A link to the Intersculpt and digital contest website is activated by walking through the gateway signage.

To the North East is the entrance to Intersculpt 2003, the fifth Biennale of digital sculpture, and the 3rd Digital Sculpture Competition. Clicking on the gateway signage can activate links to the Intersculpt and digital contest websites.

To the West, is the entrance to Intersculpt 2001, the virtual component of the fourth international biennial of digital sculpture, including work by artists from five continents.

Click here to visit Intersculpt'99, the third Biennial of computer sculpture, located to the East of Ground Zero. The site was the subject of an exhibition at The Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati from September 4th, to November 7th, 1999. The work in this exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

To the North West is a structure commemorating  Intersculpt '97, The second trans-Atlantic biennial exhibition of sculpture jointly hosted by Galerie Graphes in Paris France, and the Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia, and the first including the presentation of DAAP. You can find out more about the Intersculpt exhibition series by following this link.

To the West of Ground Zero are gateways to the Daap Construction Yard; the Sculpture Park, site of the first student work installed in Daap ( this link will take you to the exhibition page ); Meander, a fragment of the Lascaux cave leading to an exhibition of  photographs, by Ben and Lisa Britton; Cawood Castle, Richard Cawood's AW construction site, and our Alphaworld test area, where we first experiment with AW objects. There is also a portal to Z-Galaxy, a world of digital graphics hosted by Herbert Franke, and gateways to my "Autoprtrait", Stroud's Place, commemorating the sculpture of Stroud Cornock, and my first exhibition with Richard Feigen, in 1966. Further West is a memorial to Richard Feigen, who brought me over to the USA.

To the East are gateways leading to Networked Modeling in AW, our class experimental construction zone in AW; the Paul Klee Gallery, in Colony Alpha; Piazza, Derrick Woodham's first construction in AW; the Daap International Sculpture Conference '98 installation site, presenting work by  artists participating in the conference, and by students in the Computer Sculpture class. Further to the East, work by the computer sculpture class of 2000 is installed.

 To the North beyond "Coronet," is the sculpture "Ring" by Gerald de Jong. Beyond this is the site of the final Computer Sculpture Class, held in the winter quarter of 2001.

To the South is the DAAP Gallery, Featuring Photoshop portraits, and surrounded by models of sculpture, the first computer generated projects by the Media Fundamentals class. To the South East, DAAP Gallery East presents models and images by the class of Fall '99. A little further South, The Reed Gallery, a virtual model of it's namesake in DAAP, hosts work by the class of Winter '99. To the Southwest, DAAP Galleries West hosts the work of the classes of Winter and Fall 2000. Even further South, Tulu's Gallery presents a suite of recent photographs on the theme of "The Couple."

Others interested in experimenting with virtual form are invited to email

For more about myself and my sculpture, visit my homepage here.

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