© Derrick Woodham. modified on September 16th., 2006.

DAAP '96

This is a record of the first exibition at the Active Worlds© educational world of The College of Design, Achitecture, Art and Planning at The University of Cincinnati, installed in 1996.

"Over Zero".

North from ground zero.

South west of ground zero.

South east of ground zero.

"DAAP" is my first test of 3DStudiotm; and Truespacetm; models of my sculptures, converted to rwx format, and presented on line. The four sculptures below are taken from design features in "Moire Screen", my first computer generated model, which was derived from earlier "real" works fabricated in wood and aluminum.

"Triangles 1".

"Triangles 2".

"Moire Disc".

"Square Screen".

"Diamonds", below, also came from "Moire Screen". The group "Rotating Cubes", based on a sculpture fabricated in plywwod, is an example of how computer modelling helped me increase the complexity of a repeated arrangement of a single shape. "Twister" is the most complex single object I have installed in DAAP to date. Walk into the center and "Bump" up , then look down as you descend. I've used this view for the background to this page.


"Rotating Cubes".


"Twister" looking up from within.

"Coronet" was installed as a further test of Active World's ability to handle large single objects. "Twisted Crystal", a Formica©sculpture modified on the computer, is my first use of transparency in DAAP. "Macarina", renamed from "Dance" to celebrate the avatar action button first shown in The Gate, and "Geo Venus", are both accurate reconstructions of existing sculptures in Glass fiber and maple.


"Twisted Crystal".


"Geo Venus".

Teleport here to DAAP, our college Active Worlds community, presently under construction. You may also visit by entering the education portal inside The Gate in Alphaworld at Ground Zero, or teleporting via the menu option to daap from anywhere within Active Worlds.

You may teleport here to Piazza,My first construction project in Alphaworld.

Download the Active Worlds browser and register here

For more about my sculpture, Cincinnnati Portfolio presents animations and images of finished and planned work, modelled in Autodesk® 3DStudio.